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The Best Time Management Software with Free Features


Where as technology is often blamed for distracting our attention, with the right use it can be turned into a powerful ally for time management. Time tracking software is now being used extensively by enterprises and individuals to enhance performance, to set deadlines and distribute work and pay fairly. Let's take a look and assess some of the most popular Time Tracker Tools with available free features:

1. Clockify This app is free for teams and solo users but it is being billed from 9.99 $ for companies and organizations. With the free features, you can fairly allocate your time to each project (billable or not), oversee your solo work or teamwork on a dashboard and check your statistics and timesheets across all devices.

2. Timecamp's biggest strength lies in its expanded list of offered integrations -Evernote, Todoist, Trello and more- as well as the option of automatic invoicing based on working hours. The free plan includes basic time tracking, an infinite number of projects and reports. For more advanced features Basic, Pro and Enterprise levels are available for a monthly fee. The only downside might be that it can be a bit difficult to get started but once you do, the capabilities of this app will surprise you!

3. Hubstaff This innovative software offers a free subscription for limited features as well as a free trial for the premium plan (10 $ user/month). Aside from reporting, on and offline time management and timesheet approval this app offers invoicing, integrations, a time off feature and our favorites- GPS tracking for teams on the go and the ability to take up to three screenshots every ten minutes to confirm the accountability of your employees.

Hubstaff Time Tracker Product Tutorial

7 Tips for Better Time Management

Better Time Management

If you feel like you can’t breathe some days because of all the demands placed on your time, you are not alone. Time is the one thing none of us can make more of, yet it seems like every day the world finds a new way to lay claim on our already limited, precious supply of time.

Have you ever noticed though that some people seem unbound by the limits of time? They manage to accomplish everything they need to do and more each day and what’s more they hardly seem to break a sweat or stress out about it in the least. It’s not that they have any less to do that the rest of us, instead by nature or training they are excellent time managers.

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