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Electronic e-File My Forms with the IRS

efile my forms

Electronic filing has made the submission of tax returns to the IRS very secure and accurate. And in case you’re wondering, how do I e-file my forms? Wonder no more. The IRS has four options to do that and you can choose one most suitable for you.

1.IRS Free-File Fill-able Forms
The Free File option basically caters to individuals who earn an adjusted gross annual income of $66,000 and below. The software used is called the tax-preparation-and-filing software, and it’s free. This option also offers free state return options.

The Fill-able Forms option is for those individuals whose annual adjusted gross income is higher than $66,000. To ably use this option, you must have a clear understanding on how to compute your own taxes. The software helps you with the math but its basic math. You also need to have your 2017 returns on hand to complete the process. This option does not have free state return option.

2.Free Tax Return Preparation Sites
Under this option, federal programs- the IRS-Volunteer Income-Tax Assistance (VITA) as well as the Tax-Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) help taxpayers who meet the qualifications.

To qualify for the VITA help, you should be getting an annual adjusted income of $55,000 and below or you should be a person with disabilities or one whose English is limited and has to have help preparing the returns. This program has many volunteers who are certified providing preparation of tax returns services at no cost to individuals.
For the elderly, the Tax Counseling for the Elderly program is at hand to offer free counseling and answer questions related to retirement and pensions. To qualify you must be 60 years and above. The people who offer this service are retirees themselves but certified, and they work with not-for-profit organizations funded by the IRS.
Both these programs are located in communities, and if you would therefore like to find one you can go to a library, community center or a shopping mall near you. You can also use dial 800-906-9887, and you will be assisted.

VITA and TCE programs have select sites where they allow individual taxpayers to prepare and file their own tax returns- both federal and state. However, note that not all the sites have this option. If you see one with “self-prep” in a site’s listing then you can visit it to do your own preparations.

3.Free Tax-Return Preparation Site

Using software called commercial tax prep; you can electronically file tax returns. The software also allows you to make an e-payment.
To make it easier for you, the software operates on a question and answer basis and you have to electronically sign your e-file. Once you have filed your tax returns, they will be delivered safely and securely through an electronic channel approved by the IRS.
Part of the process involves the IRS computer system checking your files to ensure no mistakes have been made.

4.Commercial software

This option uses software called commercial tax prep software to help you during the preparation and filing process of your returns.
Once completed your files are sent to the IRS through e-channels that have been approved by the IRS. You need a zip code to be able to locate a provider within your state.

E-Filing a 1099 Form

Through a system called Filing-Information Returns-Electronically , you can complete the1099 form submission electronically. However, before choosing to submit it electronically, ensure that you have sought permission from the IRS by filing form 4419, as well as reading their instructions. The deadline for filing tax returns is Monday, 15th April, and should you miss it ensure you do so by the 17th of June, 2019.

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