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The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing For Publishers


Publishers claim that affiliates give them more revenue than any other type of advertising

A recent study indicates a prosperous future for affiliate advertising and social media promotion.

The advertising tech sector has been changing over the past few years. Lots of publishers have looked to other advertising methods to generate revenue.

Vendors are trying to find an alternative to display marketing, because the online content landscape has been impeded recently by advert blockers.

Viglink, the content monetizing portal, wanted to understand what vendors and publishers thought about affiliate advertising services, with regards to value, spend and sentiment.

It asked 100 vendors and 500 publishers that presently use affiliate advertising programs.

It found that, for publishers, the two most successful revenue generators were affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

Similar to an affiliate link, Google AdSense allows publishers to combine links with text to curated vendor destinations.

Big publishers with more than 100,000 UMV (Unique Monthly Views) earn most of their profits from display marketing. Google AdSense came in second place, and affiliating advertising was third.

Roughly three quarters of publishers claimed that the biggest advantage of using affiliate advertising is that it facilitates the monetizing of their website content. Moreover, sixty-five percent commented that another advantage was that it produces extra revenue.

About a third of publishers with less than 5000 UMV regard affiliate advertising as their top revenue generating method.

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