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Outsourcing your Link-Building Efforts


Link building is perhaps the most important element when it comes to successfully marketing an online venture.  One can have the nicest website, the coolest domain name, an offline marketing campaign and a killer product, but without off-site links, your website is next to invisible.  Although there are a significant number of factors involved in how search engine rankings are decided, the basic idea is that the more links a website has to it (also known as backlinks), the higher up the rankings the site will appear for a phrase.  This is a gross simplification, but having more inbound links is always beneficial.

However the process is time consuming and does not happen overnight.  Getting back-links to a site takes planning, knowledge, and constant work.  It is not simply enough to get more links to a site - these links should be of sufficient quality.  Although additional links cannot harm a website’s rankings, there are many links that will do next to nothing to help.  A business owner can barely afford to spare the time performing all of the necessary steps link building entails, never mind the fact that this will require an in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Some companies employ their own full time link building teams.  This can work out cheaper than outsourcing if search rankings are 100% of your business.  The cost of full time employees can be less than outsourcing if you are willing to commit to a full-time salary, but for many businesses this is too high an expense.  Similarly, it is pointless to pay one of your current employees who are unskilled in link building to perform it on a part time basis.

Outsourcing to a professional link building company is the answer.  The field is highly competitive so prices are at their lowest ever, and choosing an experienced provider will ensure that the money you spend on a link building campaign will be put to maximum effect.  One is able to choose the budget and scope of the work that is to be done, and a professional link building company will be able to advise and guide you on your link building plan.  They will have insights into exactly what will work to swiftly move your website up the search engine rankings for the terms that will make you money.  Finally, they will be able to report accurately to you what work they have done, and how it has effected your website’s position.

About the author:

Claire Jarrett runs Marketing By Web, who are an SEO and PPC Company and also offer PPC Courses

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