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Is Your Website the Thorn in the Side of Your SEO Campaign?

Your Website Is One Among Millions

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I was working hard to increase the position of my website in the search engines using all the best SEO techniques that I was aware of. Admittedly I knew very little about optimization and relied upon what I had researched on the Internet.  As a small business I thought that I could manage my online marketing well enough to get ahead of the local competition.

I tried various activities such as creating articles and submitting them to various article directories, writing guest blogs to be placed on various sites, adding links to my social media accounts and adding a blog to my site. As you can imagine this took a lot of time to manage and I was able to grow a little, but it was not delivering the high impact I was after; which is why more businesses like mine are turning to SEO providers.

An Eye Opening Consultation

After consulting with a SEO provider they audited my website and looked into my current personal SEO campaign.  I was definitely on the right foot but they were able to take over the link building and opened my eyes to one major problem which I had not taken into consideration. My website was letting down my strategies, and would not help the new strategies which were going to be put into place.

When I started my business I created a simple site which was free to run.  With no web design skills I used the templates to create the best site that I could manage and although this enabled me to get online, it was never going to help me rank highly in the search engines, or impress the amount of customers that I was looking for. Drastic changes were required, so I invested in a brand new website with an optimized domain name and which outperformed my old site by miles.

Make Sure Your Website is Up to Speed

So before you begin you SEO campaign why not stop and take a look at the site you are optimizing.  You can have original and interesting content yet if the site is slow no one will stay long enough to appreciate it. The speed of your site needs to be top class to compete in the SERPS, not only to keep your customers on your site but because if you can’t the search engines such as Google and Bing will not give you a decent position in the SERPs.

There are various ways to speed up your website, and the best way to make sure it still looks rich and professional is to hire web designers to assist you.  It is important to reduce the amount of HTTP requests which all slow down the website and can turn people off your business in seconds. If you have no web design experience then it is far better to have a site which carefully streamlines the files and image maps in order to have something more than a basic site with just a few words on it.

Improved Site Assisted My SEO

Once I had my new and improved site and the assistance of SEO experts working on my on and off site optimization I began to see positive movement in my analytic data. I understood that organic listings can take months to establish but I saw the effects begin in weeks not months.  I have seen definite improvements in both the amount of traffic I am receiving and the conversion rates.


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