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5 Vital Tips for Facebook Advertising

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Facebook advertising is something that can really increase your subscriber signups, leads, orders and readership. As such, it is something that many businesses have embraced. This is even more important as Google Adwords has become more and more restrictive to companies who want to deal with paid online advertising.

If you are going to use Facebook advertising then there are some things that you can do to really ramp up your effectiveness:

Look at competitors – one of the best ways to use Facebook ads is simply to look at your market competition and see what they are doing. If you can track what they are doing for a few weeks, then you can gauge their level of success. You can find out information by going to your account and waiting for an ad to show. From here, you can click to see more ads. If you see the same ads appearing week after week, then you know they are making money. These are the ones to reverse engineer and to use in your own business.

Images count – with Facebook ads, you need to have a good image in place. The image can make the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a flop. The best types of images are those that are eye catching and draw peoples attention. You need to make sure that it stands out, so pick something that contrasts with the Facebook color scheme and layout. Ensure that the image is always related to your advert. As with tip number 1, check what other people are using and see if you can generate ideas from that basis.

Evening ads – you should test running your ads during the nighttime. There is a lot of research that shows that ads get better response rates when they are run during the night. You can go to your account settings and tell Facebook when to display your ads.

Generate more than one ad – if you have been using Facebook ads for a few days but are not getting the level of response that you want, then you need to set up some competing ads. This is the best way to quickly establish what your audience responds to. Remember that the image is probably the most impactful aspect of the advert so change this first. Test it out a few times and then assess which is bringing in the most return on investment.

Specific targeting – you need to focus on a specific group of people and focus your message on them. Never try to target everyone as it will fail. This is something that many people get wrong.

If you follow these tips then you will find your success with Facebook ads increasing exponentially.

Patrick Lindle is the advertising manager for D-Mac Industries, a  metal deck / steel decking fabricator located in Atlanta, GA.  Pat lives in Atlanta with his wife and three children.

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