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Maximize Your Blog Traffic With Facebook

FaceBookTrafficYou can use Facebook to increase traffic to your blog. With a little effort and ingenuity, you can draw from almost a billion users to give your own website a healthy shot in the arm. Regardless of what you blog about, you can find potential readers and customers on Facebook and route them to your blog. When these visitors arrive, you can convert them into subscribers and paying customers. You have almost unlimited potential when you use Facebook to build your blog, but you need to do more than create a Facebook profile and page to make a difference. The following tips will help bloggers build traffic by leveraging Facebook.

Consider Facebook as a Supplement for Your Blog

Facebook can extend the function of your blog to include social interaction that can build your online credibility. Also, the social signals you create by actively engaging Facebook users will boost the new generation of socially-aware search engines. WordPress and other blogging platforms have add-ons that send blog posts directly to Facebook. With one of these tools installed, bloggers can easily keep fresh content on Facebook.

You can also attract Facebook users by engaging them with scintillating questions on Facebook that make people yearn for more. Fortunately, you can provide links on Facebook to your blog that users can use to learn more about you, your topics and your products. You can also attract Facebook users by posting trivia, quotations and inspirational materials that make people want more. When you become more valuable to the Facebook community, you will find that more people will follow links to your blog.

Use Facebook as a Source for Your Blog

You should never copy content for use on your blog. Aside from the obvious legal and ethical concerns, you will also face penalties from search engines that will downgrade your site if it finds unoriginal or spammy content. You can use Facebook to stimulate your creativity and to direct your blogging efforts. Active Facebook users talk about the latest hot-button issues pertaining to almost any industry, so you can quickly find relevant and interesting topics for your writing. When visitors to your blog find out that you always have something to say about cutting edge issues and products, they will spread the word about you to their friends.

Add a Facebook a Tool for Sharing Your Blog

You should remember that developing an effective social presence involves a demonstration of commitment to others. You can participate in the community by sharing links to articles and graphics that pertain to your market when you find them. When people learn that service to others motivates you, they will become more willing to respect you and your opinions. Such respect will spread, building a solid reputation for your brand and a steady stream of visitors to your blog.

Get Facebook Users to Promote Your Blog

Likes on Facebook can increase blog traffic by 50 percent or more. To take advantage of this almost-automatic tool, you should have a Like button and other sharing tools on every one of your blog posts and pages. Readers who like content found on your blog can easily share it with the social community and send signals to search engines that your blog contains information that other people value.

Buy Facebook Ads to Expand Your Reach

Facebook advertising helps you to target the friends of all your Facebook friends and fans. Connections targeting easily finds new people who might have an interest in your blog but do not yet know about you. You can also try to use Domain Story advertisements on Facebook to make sure that Likes on your blog propagate throughout the social network.


Ben Sawyer is Internet marketing consultant for more than 5 years. He likes to share his knowledge with the others. He is experiences in blogging and in using social media for viral campaigns. Currently, he is also working as an SMM consultant for NYC condominiums community

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