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2/8/2017 3:13:37 PM
The Top 10 Best Selling Products On Alibaba
By srpatterson


What are the best selling products on Alibaba?

All around the world, economies are moving to virtual commerce. Companies like eBay and Amazon have become the leaders in shopping, creating a thriving model for selling online, benefitting both the companies and the customers.

Meanwhile, this e-commerce idea is moving billions of people in China towards this new mode of buying and selling. The company is Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. which has become the core of the new wave of e-commerce in China. Alibaba's fourth quarter revenues were $5.88 billion dollars, up by 42 percent over the fourth quarter of the previous year.

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Udacity And Google Introduce An Android Programming Course Aimed At Novices

Jun 27 2016


Google wishes to encourage people to master programming -- particularly for its' Android interface. Although the firm has already provided several courses on programming, they were usually aimed at people with at a bit of basic programming knowledge.

From today, Google's Android Basics Nanodegree course is offered on Udacity - the web educational platform. It is the first time Google has promoted an Android nanodegree class intended for those with no knowledge of programming.

Shanea King-Roberson, Google's program manager, said that Google wanted to make Android development understandable and accessible to all, so that irrespective of your circumstances, you can master app building and enhance the lives of others.

The innovative series of lessons demonstrates how to develop simple apps for Android. In particular, it teaches interactivity, layouts, multi screen apps, object oriented programming fundamentals, storing data and connecting to the web, among other subjects.

The lessons require 165 hours, or roughly four hours per day for forty-two days, to complete.

The initial fifty students to finish the Android programming course will be given a scholarship to carry on the Android Developer Career Track Nanodegree.

Each individual lesson that comprises this course is available on the web free of charge. Also, Udacity offers paid services, such as coaching access, assistance with projects, guidance for remaining on course, career advice, and a completion certificate.

Google had partnered with Udacity before to provide a complimentary Android programming course, but that class needed a basic knowledge of programming beginning with the first lesson.

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