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Happy Blogging Birthday To Wordpress!

May 29 2013

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Happy Blogging Birthday To Wordpress!

Wordpress has now been around for a full and fabulous decade.  Bloggers from all over the world should send a gift, or, at the very least, post a happy birthday message on one of the over 66 million Wordpress sites that exist around the world.  According to company's own stats, over four billion pages are viewed each month.  The power of Wordpress cannot be overstated.

In the last ten years, Wordpress' free software has created a forum for the world's diverse voices.  Now, as long as someone has an internet connection, he can create his own blog, aimed at his own audience, and filled with his own unique content. With hard work, high quality, and a little luck, the Wordpress blogger can establish a dedicated following. The average person now can make his voice be heard.

Another reason to celebrate the Wordpress birthday is the diverse options and lively debate it fosters.  With a few exceptions, very little is off limits, and people from around the world can engage in a logical debate about politics, world events, or individual interests which adds a vigor and sense of community to the internet.

Wordpress is not perfect, but it has given voice to so many who would not have had one before.  The format and software Wordpress offers allows people with little technical skill to share their views and let their voices be heard.  In a world that is too often separated by religious, cultural, and political divides, that is no small accomplishment.

Happy Birthday WordPress 10th Anniversary

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