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Dropbox: A Great Data Backup Alternative


A recent post on the Gmail blog discussed how to help prepare for a disaster with data on your local computer. The post recommended people backup their important data using Gmail and Google Docs as a measure to keep all important documents safe. However, these alternatives rely on cloud storage and Google services, which many people do not want to rely on in a bad situation. That is why Dropbox is a viable alternative.

iDrive for Wordpress is a Worth a Look

idrive wordpress plugin

iDrive for Wordpress is a Worth a Look

I recently came across a post on Weblog Tools Collection about a new plugin for Wordpress from iDrive. The cloud storage solution company is providing a free service to Wordpress owners to backup their site files along with their database files, up to 2 GB, for free. Install the plugin from the site and you have a great backup and recovery strategy that works entirely behind the scenes.

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