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10 Billion Dollars Paid To Apple App Store Developers

Jun 11 2013
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10 Billion Dollars Paid To Apple App Store Developers

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple has paid app store developers $10 billion since 2008 -- more than three times that of all the other platforms combined! Apps have been downloaded over 50 billions times, and the numbers are rising every day.

In fact, half of that $10 billion has actually been paid out within the last year -- showing the astronomical growth of the industry. Not only within the Apple App Store, app developers are seeing a boom in their field like never before.

Dropbox Holding Its First Developer Conference On July 9

May 08 2013

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Dropbox Holding Its First Developer Conference

Recently, Dropbox announced its first conference for developers, referred to as DBX. The conference will be held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, California, on July 9. Space is limited, though, and developers need to request an invitation from the company. For now, tickets are going to cost attendees $350.00 apiece. These tickets should be in high demand, so the available spaces are going to disappear quickly.

Android Developers Aren't Shy About Marketing to Gay Consumers

Android Developer Phone 1

Image by closari via Flickr

Smartphones running Google's Android operating system have been growing in popularity since first being introduced in 2005, and that means that Android's app market has been growing as well. With the growing popularity of the mobile app industry, the ease at which developers can add a product to Android's Market, and the relatively simple process of generating revenue, Android development has virtually exploded. So much so that many Android developers are beginning to embrace smaller niche markets such as gay consumers.

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