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Software for Telecommuting During the CoronaVirus Pandemic

Mar 16 2020

Telecommunication is the transmission of signals, words, writing, message, sounds, and can also be any information of any nature through radio, wire, an electromagnet. Telecommunication takes place when there are communication participants through the exchange of information and also involves the use of technology.

It's transmitted through a medium transmission such as electrical wire cable, electromagnet radiation through light or radio. The transfer is in many multiple channels that make it possible for multiplexing.

Communication has come a long way since the start of the 20th century. It began with the use of beacons, signal flags, beacons, drumbeats, lung horns, Helio-graph, and semaphores telegraph. The end of the century and the start of 21st-century thing communication improved, and people began using telephones, radio, television, wireless, networks, microwaves transmission, optic fiber, internet, and satellites.

As time went by, the creation of the internet came into play. Many people embezzled it of the added value it offered at a cheap variable rate. Research began creating the packet switch, which was for sending the message in segments through a centralized mainframe. The later study came up with advanced internet technology like the use of local area networks, the creation of Ethernet, and the token ring protocol.

Some of the benefits of using telecommunication software system include: help enhance communication channel as it quick and exchange of conversation. Enhances teamwork as it's practical and very sustainable in decision making is quick. They help reduce the operation cost through video conferencing and the use of email.

Some of the main components of the telecommunication system include a computer network, use of public switched telephone networks, use of the public switched network, radio network, and television network. The introduction of software for telecommunication has made communication even better. One can communicate with another person overseas quickly and at a cheap rate. With just the internet and the software required, communication is possible.

Tips and Tricks for Telecommuting

Telecommuting Software Options

Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Zoom have come up with the application. Some of Google communication software includes the G-Suite, Blogger, Google bookmark, Google hire, Feed burner, Google drive, SMS channel, Google voice, and the Google business Solution.

Microsoft software communication channels include Skype, instant messaging, voice over IP. The software majorly operates on windows, Linus, macOS, Android, and iOS, depending on the preference of choice. The Zoom also features software like the Zoom cloud meeting, video webinar, zoom phone system, and zoom business IM.

CoronaVirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many countries into a standstill. As the infection rate and the death toll is still on the high. The software has recorded a rise in the US cases in the last 24hrs the infection rate increased by 20, making the total to 150. There, countries like South Korea, Italy, and Iran are finding it difficult to control as the new infection rate is very high.

The US government is using the Maven software used to track and manage the COVID-19 spread. The software was used back then to track other diseases like tuberculosis, measles, HIV, influenza, Ebola, and the Zika virus.The data collected from the software has been very vital to public health as they can monitor everything.

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