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The Best Time Management Software with Free Features

The Best Time Management Software with Free Features

Jan 09 2020


Where as technology is often blamed for distracting our attention, with the right use it can be turned into a powerful ally for time management. Time tracking software is now being used extensively by enterprises and individuals to enhance performance, to set deadlines and distribute work and pay fairly. Let's take a look and assess some of the most popular Time Tracker Tools with available free features:

1. Clockify This app is free for teams and solo users but it is being billed from 9.99 $ for companies and organizations. With the free features, you can fairly allocate your time to each project (billable or not), oversee your solo work or teamwork on a dashboard and check your statistics and timesheets across all devices.

2. Timecamp's biggest strength lies in its expanded list of offered integrations -Evernote, Todoist, Trello and more- as well as the option of automatic invoicing based on working hours. The free plan includes basic time tracking, an infinite number of projects and reports. For more advanced features Basic, Pro and Enterprise levels are available for a monthly fee. The only downside might be that it can be a bit difficult to get started but once you do, the capabilities of this app will surprise you!

3. Hubstaff This innovative software offers a free subscription for limited features as well as a free trial for the premium plan (10 $ user/month). Aside from reporting, on and offline time management and timesheet approval this app offers invoicing, integrations, a time off feature and our favorites- GPS tracking for teams on the go and the ability to take up to three screenshots every ten minutes to confirm the accountability of your employees.

Hubstaff Time Tracker Product Tutorial

4. Harvest Established in 2006, Harvest takes pride in its expertise in being seamlessly incorporated in tools already used through apps and integrations. Aside from all the classic features, Harvest offers the Expense Management feature for proof of your spendings as well syncing with its sister app, Forecast for mapping out upcoming projects. Harvest is available for free for up to 2 projects or pro for 12 $/person monthly.

5. 'Avaza timesheets' is built for teams of all sizes offering a free subscription for unlimited projects as well as upgraded plans starting from 9.95 $ per month. Avaza contributes to your productivity through Time and Expense Tracking with digitized receipts and Easy Invoicing.

6. Toggl Get acquainted with this software through this fun Startup Simulator! Toggl is not only a great time tracker but also a trustworthy advisor for larger enterprises who would like to maximize their productivity and profitability. Some drawbacks, however, include weaker features in accounting as well as more expensive advanced plans comparing to subscriptions in the rest of the proposed software- there is, of course, a basic free plan for teams up to 5 members.

7. MeisterTask is a user-friendly, simply designed app for solo users or teams. It integrates with other apps and is designed in the Kanban method as the most visual way to tackle projects constructing a plan along with the workflow. There is a basic, free plan available as well as more enriched paid subscriptions- it is noteworthy nonetheless that this software is leaning on productivity and workflows rather than accounting and resource scheduling.

8. Freedcamp organizes your tasks efficiently through a Kanban board, a Calendar that allows you to mark events, tasks, and milestones as well as a Wall for your team to socialize. It offers a variety of plans (all including Unlimited Tasks, Projects, and Storage) such as a free subscription although the most popular is the Business Plan with 7.49 $ per user/month.

We tried and certainly loved all these Time Management Tools. They all appreciate and prioritize time as a finite resource and allow many useful features in their free plan. However, it is worth noting that Hubstaff does gain a head start because of its generous inclusions in its free plan as well as its ingenious features that are available in the advanced subscriptions.

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