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Understanding Visual Studio Live Share

May 09 2018

Visual Studio Live Share allows you to debug and code simultaneously with other developers on the same project.

During the Microsoft Build developer event, the company said that Live Share, the previously introduced feature of the Visual Studio code and Visual Studio, is now accessible by developers who wish to try it out. Up to now, this function, which enables developers to collaborate with each other, could be accessed only in preview mode --- and it is freely available to any developer, even developers who are using the Visual Studio free code editor.

Some people have likened Live Share to collaborating with Google Documents. Developers are able to see the position of everyone's cursor, and each word their colleagues type, irrespective which platform is used. Each developer participating in Live Share sessions can remain within their desired environment. This means that developers can be more flexible than they can be in conventional screen shares.

At the Build event, Microsoft were keen to emphasize the debugging session sharing feature. This allows everyone to specify break times and receive complete logs. Although code writing is all well and good, sharing debugging sessions might be more crucial to lots of developers.

All the main languages are supported by Live Share, including Python, C#, Go, C++ and Java.

Visual Studio Live Share Demo on VS Code

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