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The Launch Of Dev Protocol by Codementor

Mar 16 2018


Codementor launches Dev Protocol that developers can grow their reputations with through blockchain

Dev Protocol is an innovative project that utilizes blockchain to offer software developers a safe place to enhance their professional reputation. Devised by Codementor, which is an on demand software developer marketplace and virtual mentoring platform, Dev Protocol aims to level the industry playing field.

"It can be taken from one job to the next, and we think it will make software development a more meritocratic field, whether they reside away from or in Silicon Valley" said Codementor's CEO Weiting Liu. Liu also founded the company and has worked with Techstars and Y Combinator, however lots of able software developers get overlooked for roles, just because they have no famous companies mentioned on their CV.

"If you're a Facebook or Google developer, with a Stanford degree, you probably won't encounter this issue, because you will have plenty of impressive brands on your resume or LinkedIn profile. You work with other excellent developers and it is fairly simple for prospective employers to check your references" said Liu. "However, for those who are less fortunate, perhaps they are not Silicon Valley residents, we give outstanding developers in Madison, Russia, Vancouver, Alberta, Taiwan or Wisconsin a platform to build their reputation in a transparent way".

Dev Protocol will launch initially to Codementor developer community members. As a decentralized payment and reputation protocol, customers can utilize it to find developer references, send escrow payments to them and leave feedback after a project is complete.

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