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An Overview Of Evergreen SEO Methodologies

An Overview Of Evergreen SEO Methodologies

Nov 15 2017


Evergreen SEO Tactics That Will Always Work Come Rain or Shine

SEO (search engine optimization) is a method of boosting the quantity of visitors a website receives, by giving it higher rankings in the results displayed by big search engines, such as Yahoo Search, Bing and - most notably - Google. Indeed, Google is the world's biggest search engine provider. Industry experts report that Google controls roughly sixty-five percent of total searches. Yahoo and Bing are the next two biggest search providers, accounting for a 33.1 percent market share between them.

For this reason, lots of advertisers still concentrate their efforts on optimizing their websites, particularly for Google. Nonetheless, Google constantly updates its' algorithm, which makes it hard for advertisers to remain in the same position in the search listings.

These days, many advertisers also use social media to extend their reach to their audience. In spite of Google's algorithm changes, there are certain SEO techniques that are sure to remain forever. Undoubtedly, such techniques will stand the test of time. Therefore, if you are trying to sell things online, it is well worth mastering these methods.

In the past, there have been plenty of SEO techniques that have emerged, then vanished shortly afterwards. Many of the strategies that were effective five years ago do not work now, due to the updates introduced by Google. For example, unlike before, it is impossible to improve your rankings in the big search engines at the moment by submitting poor quality articles to numerous article directories.

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