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Facebook Tests Breaks For Ads In Live Videos

Feb 28 2017


Facebook tests breaks for ads interrupting on-demand videos on their platform, and video creators get a 55 percent cut on the revenues.

Facebook has announced it is testing the concept of ad breaks during on-demand videos in collaboration with a limited group of partners who will garner 55 percent of the ad revenue generated by the plan. Facebook keeps the remaining 45 percent. This could create changes in how video makers make videos, causing them to create content that keeps viewers hooked through ad breaks and drawing more video creators to Facebook.

As Facebook tests breaks for ads, they are allowing video producers to pick where they want the ads to appear in their video, as long as they come on no sooner than 20 seconds into the piece and are a minimum of two minutes apart.

After a period of four minutes into a video being watched by a minimum of 300 viewers, the poster sees a message telling them they can take an ad break now appearing along with a money symbol in the real-time comments section. A simple tap on the symbol starts an ad break lasting up to 20 seconds. Video producers can take an ad break up to every five minutes.

As Facebook tests breaks for ads in videos, more options are becoming available.

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