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Zencastr Breaks New Ground In The Podcasting Age

Nov 22 2016


With Zencaster, it is easy to record good quality podcast audios.

Podcasting has become a popular broadcasting medium, and a new era of audio recording equipment is emerging. Zencastr is one such example. The firm's new product, introduced today, is intended to make it easy to record good quality audio for interviews, wherever the interviewee is based.

The issue the firm is addressing is that interviews via phone sound terrible, and VOIP products such as Skype frequently do not degrade adequately. That is to say: A bad web connection can scupper an interview.

Rather than recording audio through a telephone line, Zencastr allows interviewers to do this through the interviewee's computer. Of course, there are other methods of doing this (like explaining to podcast guests how to record speech on an iPhone, computer or individual recorder). However, this assumes that the interviewees have sufficient technical knowledge to save, record and send the files, which often isn't the case.

Modern web browsers have capabilities that open the door to various new web based applications, according to Josh Nielsen, who is Zencastr's founder. Cutting edge real time technologies mean that full podcasting studios can be built, which can be delivered via a browser.

The product from Zencastr works through a web browser, therefore guests can just click on a hyperlink. The interviewer can monitor the recording's status, to check that everything is being recorded correctly.

Podcast recording over long distance? Zencastr is the flawless option

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