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Important Metrics For Ranking A Website

Jul 08 2016


The importance of various metrics and how these factors influence your website's ranking in the search engine results is an essential part of boosting your site's ranking. Factors, such as PR, MOZ rank, domain authority and page authority are certainly important; however, another important metric is Trust Flow. Here's how these factors can influence SERP results.

Google Page Rank

Relevant links from high authority websites can influence page rank. These links can help a site rank, but it is only one factor of many that must be considered.

Domain Authority introduced Domain Authority as a measure of 3 factors, domain size, popularity and age. The higher this number, the more credibility the site has. Credibility is determined by the number of quality links pointing to a page or site. A popular website with numerous outside links as well as excellent interlinking will typically have greater credibility. This domain authority score is important for ranking with Google.

Page Authority

Page authority references a specific page on a website and calculates potential SERP ranking. This authority marker is determined by site interlinking between pages as well as their relevance. Google's Panda update has made this metric even more important in ranking a website as it weeds out thin sites in favor of more robust sites with quality content and an internal linking pattern.

Trust Flow

This metric adds a score and value to a domain. This predictive score is an educated guess as to the trustworthiness of a particular URL and looks at how other sites link to the page. It utilizes a similar pattern as Page Authority and Domain Authority. Many top ranking websites also have a high Trust Flow number.

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