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4 Shortcuts To Improving Your Google Indexing

Jun 30 2016


If your website can't easily be found on Google, few people will know that it actually exists! As the largest and most popular search engine, acquiring organic traffic is imperative to meeting the website owner's goals.

Try the following 4 tips to guide you in improving your website's Google indexing results:

1. Ensure You Exist on Google

Don't bother with the submission form that Google has. Instead, aim to get a backlink to your site from a website of repute. This shows that your site is well-thought of and that you're not just a spammer. Neil Patel explains how Google crawls your site in this article.

2. On-site Optimization

Make sure that your site can be crawled efficiently by Google in order for all your pages and posts to get indexed correctly. Include:

- A site map
- Proper HTML code
- Permalinks structured properly
- Proper internal linking

3. Links from Authority Sites

You have to consider having both quality links and quality content when it comes to ranking well and receiving organic traffic.

Look to acquire links from sites related to yours, but authority ones in particular. Better to have one of these from your niche than a thousand random links from weaker sites.

4. Ranking Monitoring

To improve something, you need to measure it. The same goes for measuring your indexing and search ranking performance. Although you can do it manually, it's much easier to automate the task by using a tool, as this post from Cyfe explains.

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