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Whole Site Delivery with Amazon CloudFront

Dec 26 2015

Amazon Webservices

It is no doubt that Amazon has turned out to be one of the most respectable and the biggest online store in the whole world. Many people simply refer to this site each time they have a need for something with the best possible price. You can find almost anything you need here. More importantly, it allows you to enjoy better deals for every purchase that you make. Amazon has come up with a content delivery web service known as Amazon CloudFront. This new service is also integrated with other web service products from Amazon. That way, the developers and businesses will find an easy way to deliver their content to the end users and enjoy high data transfer speeds and low latency. More interestingly, the clients will also enjoy no minimum usage commitments. Feel free to read the rest of this article to find out more about whole site delivery with Amazon CloudFront.

The CloudFront from Amazon is designed to deliver various functions. Focusing on all the great uses of Amazon CloudFront might be too big to handle for a short article like this one. Thus, let us shift our focus on a certain use of Amazon CloudFront. This time, we like to pay more attention how Amazon CloudFront is used to deliver an entire site of the client.

Every website in the online world is normally equipped with plenty of static content as well as dynamic ones. The static content comes in the forms of style sheets or still images while the you can find the dynamic content in forms of the elements in the website that are personalized to every visitor. Other than that, a website may also include some other forms that requires the viewers to register like a space for your comments.

Every aspect that you have in your website will be delivered properly. Not only that Amazon CloudFront will be a reliable option when you need to deliver your whole website together with its dynamic and static contents, the Amazon service will have not trouble when it comes to delivering the streaming or other interactive content using a global network as well.

With a single CloudFront distribution, you can deliver your entire website and all its contents. There is no need for you to come up with a new domain name as Amazon CloudFront allows you to use a single domain name for the whole site. You should not separate the static contents from the dynamic ones either. Moreover, the origin servers can still be used for various types of contents on the site. The users of Amazon CloudFront will be provided with granular control that you can use to caching properties on different URLs on the site as well as configure all the origin servers.

Beside whole site delivery, Amazon CloudFront also offer more common uses. This is optimized with other web services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Route 53, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing and Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service).

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