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Whole Site Delivery and Amazon S3 (Cloudfront)

Feb 27 2013


Whole Site Delivery and Amazon S3

Whole Site Delivery

There is a great deal of buzz about a service known as “whole site delivery” provided by content delivery networks. The way whole site delivery works, is by caching all of your site’s assets on servers all over the globe as soon as they have been accessed from the origin server. Once this occurs, any user in a particular region can access the files without having to send a request to the origin server, which may be halfway across the world. This helps to eliminate the amount of traffic that your origin server sees, which can be quite beneficial.

e Bandwidth Consumption

Decreasing the traffic to your server can do a couple of great things. First, it will speed the site up because less data is being processed at any given time. More importantly, if you are using a service such as Amazon S3, where you pay for only the bandwidth and storage that you use, you will end up paying less for your file hosting. So who doesn’t want a faster, more responsive site that costs them less money? Nobody!

Finding the Right Solution(s)

For many, the question has been, “whole site delivery via a content delivery network, or a simple, fast storage solution?” The answer to this is “both”. It makes perfect sense for a web developer to take advantage of both of these services at the same time. Amazon S3 and a CDN are a perfect combination for improving load speed, decreasing latency, and reducing costs. In addition, there are SEO benefits that will arise for utilizing these services.

Search Engine Optimization

In 2010, Google implemented a feature on their search engine that ranks faster websites higher in the search results. It actually makes a lot of sense because visitors would rather get information quickly. Of course this is not the only criterion that Google uses for its searches. Keywords, backlinks, and paid search results are still a great way to get your site noticed on Google’s search. The best bet is to utilize as many methods of SEO as possible, to ensure great search engine placement.

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Bryce Graven is from San Francisco, CA. He is well known in the Bay Area Music scene as a producer, engineer and vocalist. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication & Journalism with an Electronic Media Production option. He currently works at Influence People in San Francisco doing video editing, blogging, marketing and web design. Bryce’s passion for computer-recorded music has lead him into the tech industry, web design, graphics, digital video and marketing.

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