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Mobile Development Tools Presented By Yahoo!

Feb 19 2015


Flurry Inc. has provided a suite of mobile development tools for Yahoo! that it is encouraging others to use to developed new applications. Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer presented the tools today at Yahoo!s first Mobile Developer Conference in California. Outside developers can include marketing, video, search, along with content in new apps they develop using the suite.

Yahoo! understands that mobile is growing and they need to be a big part of that growth. They brought in $1.25 billion in revenue through mobile last year. That represents  25% of all sales. Flurry Inc. is a company they purchased last year for $300 million. Yahoo! has had trouble recently meeting revenue expectations and is hoping new mobile development will allow them to be more profitable.

The stock has done well over the past year and moved higher today to $44.32. The stock appreciation has been largely due to the company’s ownership of Alibaba. They also plan to spin off the remaining 15% soon.

Yahoo to Devs: Use Our New Mobile Developer Suite, Make Money

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