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LogoGarden Grows to One Million Customers

Nov 26 2014


If you want make-it-yourself logos for you website or company startup, one millions customers are telling you that LogoGarden is a good place to start. The company recently reached the milestone after a period of rapid growth. The company is reporting 2,000 new accounts each day and sees customer growth reaching 2 million users in the company year.

The company CEO John Williams says that 10% of all new startups are using LogoGarden (privately-held Nashville based) to create early stage Logos. And the growth rate is due to over 6 million entrepreneurs starting companies each year in the United States. The online tools for making professional looking logos help to keep customers coming and most that visit start a free account to save their work. Williams believes that no other company offers simple logo design tools without graphic designers that match LogoGarden’s.

The company makes money by upselling logo makers, selling them related products, or providing their information to third party corporations looking to reach this market.

Using the Logo Garden DIY Logo Builder

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