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What Your Should Know About WordPress Security

Apr 30 2014

Wordpress Schwag

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WordPress has quickly become a powerful platform that powers around 22% of all websites.

Running WordPress securely does require a plan, just as the case is with any technology you use for business. Choosing WordPress as your platform is not really any different than selecting a CRM, but there are other options to consider.

Choose Between Your Servers And Theirs 
You can either choose to host your WordPress site on WordPress's servers or you can host the site on your own server. has features such as allowing you to host image galleries, videos and there are plenty of integration tools that go hand-and-hand with some of the top social networking sites.

Choose A Host
If you decide to host your WordPress site somewhere else, then you need to decide where to host it. You will want to ask a hosting provider questions such as will you be able to have access to support, if their support is familiar with WordPress, and do they have bandwidth or disk space limitations.

GoDaddy and Flywheel offer great hosting options for those with a WordPress site, and SquareSpace is also another great alternative.

Backup And Security
You will need a backup and security solution, as you want to protect from attacks that target WordPress. There are a few different types of plug-ins you can use to help you with security and backup.

Some of the plug-ins that you can use include iThemes Security Pro, VaultPress and WP Security.

Final Note
One of the best things about using WordPress is that there are different kinds of themes that you can can choose from, and you can customize the themes. You can use DIY Themes, Genesis or WOO Themes, as these are some of the best places to turn to when you want to find a great theme that is customizable.

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