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Is Drupal 7 Better Than Wordpress for Managing Content?

Apr 09 2011

When talking about the content management system provided by each one of them, we can state that there are several options provided by each of them with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Let’s split the idea into tiny pieces to have a better perspective on the matter. First of all, even though each of them provides high quality services, there are considerable differences between them. A strong point on Drupal 7’s side is that the software was created in a very fashionable and creative manner, allowing the user to play around very easily. On the other hand, Wordpress offers a user-friendly environment, as well.

The common ground here is that when it comes to the creation of a single blog for a specific user, both platforms are considered to be perfectly adequate. But if you want to push the level of complexity further, things change a little, and many users turn to Drupal 7 for answers.


Here are some highlights that will help you get a better view on the matter. The main advantage of the Drupal web design platform is its flexibility with the number of users and, of course, content. You are free to create a fully-functional website from scratch, with all the features that you want and still have a clean path to manage the content.

If you feel that implementing the solutions you need is too complicated, you can always hire a professional web designer to help you out, whether you choose Drupal or Wordpress. You can verify their past experience and credentials with the help of background check services.

Additionally, as Drupal expands every couple of months, more and more modules are available for you to implement to your content. Some of them can be really useful, such as modules for mail, HTML and even the possibility or receiving PayPal payments. It’s quite remarkable if you think about it because you will have all the features stored in a single place.

Target audience

One last strong argument in this area is that Drupal talks to a much more complex audience than the Wordpress environment. Drupal has the search engine optimization component implemented, so you can be certain that your content will reach the desired audience and not miss its target, while Wordpress requires a little bit more work to make SEO highly efficient in it.

Despite the fact that both of them are rich and strong platforms, it really comes down to a matter of choice. When he or she makes that choice, a single thought must cross their mind: what do I need it for? If you can answer this question, you can figure out which one best fit your needs.

Hope you have liked the article.

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