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How To Create a Successful Blog

Jun 13 2011


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There are thousands upon thousand of blogs online. Bloggers try to post information about anything ranging from collect insects, to travel blogs, to how-to-guides on scrapbooking. Many bloggers don’t just post blogs for fun or for their sake but they attempt to bring in new ideas, concepts, and pictures for the world to see. You should be creative and attractive in order to get more hits than the other contenders.

Here are some tips on how to create a successful blog:

- You should try to use many different colors and photographs to grab the attention of the users. Photos and colors stimulate minds and could be attention grabbers for those who aren’t looking to read information but are more visual learners. Try to use pictures that are tiny and don’t take a lot of memory space on people’s computers.

- You shouldn’t just write random and irrelevant information on your blog. You should make every bit of your blog interesting and able to grab the user’s attention. Try to be eccentric in your articles, aim to be unique and unusual. You should also be an expert on your specific topic. Your posts must be short and concise but still very interesting. Have it relay the information you are trying to post easily.

- Internet users want information and they want it fast. They don’t have time to look through newspapers and through pages of magazines. Many don’t even read at all; they enjoy skimming through internet sites. It will be most helpful to separate the paragraphs in your blog into smaller chunks or sections. Put clever headings at the top of each section so viewers can go straight to the part that interests them.

- The title of your blog could possibly be the most important factor. You should have a title that is short, motivating and has a description of what your blog is about. For instance if your blog is about weight loss then your title should describe this so web users know what it is referring to. You might want to name your blog “Weight Loss Guy” or something that makes it appealing to viewers. Similar to the title, a blog should have a really cool logo. There are many fonts available on the web. You also might want to try downloading a logo-maker software for free so you can design it the way you want and your blog can stand out from the rest.

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