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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Experience with Website Designers in Portland, Oregon

Dec 05 2011

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If you’re looking to get a website created for your business, finding the sweetest website design in Portland might be more difficult than one would think. But even if you’re able to find the best designer for your needs, you still have some work of your own to do.

With that said, there is definitely a way for you to maximize the effort you put in conceptualizing your design while you look for the right web designer or web design company.

In this article, we will tackle 5 simple tips for maximizing your effort once you finally have the right website designers in Portland, Oregon on board.

1.  What’s the purpose of your website?

    If you’re looking to get recognized by your brand alone, you might want to focus on how your website “feels” to the customer. The feel of your site should directly reflect what you think your targeted audience will respond best to.

    Also, possibly one of the hardest questions a businessman can ask himself is: Who am I actually targeting with my products? Once you find that out, you will need to work around that in order to know how your website should feel.

    2.  Get a wireframe!

      Making a wireframe is really simple. All you need to do is prepare your design idea and sitemap requirements.

      Another trick when making your wireframe is to browse the internet for a couple of websites that are offering the same products you have and observe their layouts. You will also need to take note of any similarities between the websites you browsed and work around that. Remember not to plagiarize!

      Making a wireframe will significantly help the designer in coding the site faster as well as lessen the amount of confusion between you and the designer.

      3.  Pooling your company’s information

        Once you have a wireframe, you should now address the issue of how many pages your website has. Pooling the historical information of your business can provide a holistic view of what you need to the designer.

        4.  Determine your SEO scope

          You really don’t need to be an expert in SEO in order to get basic understanding about your targeted niche. A number of website designers in Portland, Oregon also offer SEO services, but they will of course charge you extra. Designers can go ahead and generate your website’s internal SEO, but you can manage how to build your keywords.

          For additional assistance, you can actually use Google’s Keyword Tool to get more information about populating the list of keywords that you might be interested in using.

          5.  Get familiar with a thing called CMS

            A CMS or a content management system is a portal which you can use to interact with your website. This will help you find out where you need to update information regularly. If you think that your website would need to get updated frequently then consider familiarizing yourself with CMS like the ones available from Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla.

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