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The Practical Side of Web Design

Jan 17 2012

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Making a website usually isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but there are a lot of things to keep in mind if you want an effective website that is able to convert visitors and easily ranking in the search engines. This will require you to actually look at your website like a visitor and be willing to make changes so you can have the best website possible. Consider the following items;

Well Coded
There are plenty of CSS hacks and JavaScript tricks, but it’s really best to stick with basic coding. While hacks and tricks can look great or make it easier to code something, they tend to detract from the SEO capabilities of your website. Not only that, but most hacks only work for certain systems or browsers, so if your visitor is not using one of them they will not see your website correctly.

SEO Friendly
Maybe it’s annoying, but make sure you fill out all those metatag elements in your HTML. Not only that, but your design should have a simple navigation system that is easy for search engines and users to work with.

Good User Experience
This part requires that you really sit down with your site and meld it to its best. Clear your mind and go through your website like a visitor would. Do you find it annoying at all? Is there anything that is difficult to go through or are you not paying attention to the important details of the website?

Write down or remember these elements. After that, keep changing them until you feel your website is truly at its best. Too many Web designers get hung up on the design and forget that the website is really for people.

Clean Design
As a Web designer, you probably want to add a bunch of graphics and colors to your website, and they may help the website look good. However, try to hold yourself back from using graphic after graphic, as this can be hard to look at. Be sure your website has adequate white space and that it does not look crowded. A crowded website can be difficult to look at, and if you want to keep your visitors, then you should make sure there are only a few powerful elements in your design.

Convert Visitors
Is your Web design able to convert visitors? This can sometimes be difficult to determine on your own and often requires split testing, but look at your website and think, “would I buy this?” If you wouldn’t buy your own product, then who will? Use your graphics and copy to convert visitors. Even if you are not selling a product, make sure your website can adequately convert or hold the attention of your visitors.

While you may not be able to tackle all of the advice at once, you should make the effort to continually work on your website for constant improvement.

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