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Finding Deals On Web Hosting

Apr 06 2012

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The best deals on web hosting are not difficult to locate, but it is easy to fall for the hype. One of the things that a person looking for web hosting services and deals falls into is a bunch of affiliate marketing sites. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, per se, one must understand the motivation behind these reviews. The reviews are skewed to convince, not balanced to inform. But there is utility in them after all. Go through the blogs and look for the ones that provide the most number of alternatives. This smart marketer has gone the distance to get affiliate status with all the links and then gives an almost unbiased view of all.

Affiliate Reviews

However the question here is that it is impossible for him or her to have really had a mountain of experience from each one to be able to give actionable reviews and tips. The best way to get proper reviews is to read user comments on sites like this. And to read the blogs where they do promote different hosts. There is nothing wrong in being an affiliate and making some cash of a person's click through, but be weary of the ones that do the hard sell maneuver.

Once you've looked around all the different forums and blogs, you will get a pretty good idea who can do what and where you should point your sails. Now its time fro round two. This time once you have made your decisions, go after the best deals by looking for the ones that the best discount coupon codes. The best discounts can save quite a few dollars, especially if they have discounts for every month's fees.

Unbiased Reviews

The next thing to do is just key in the web host's name and type the word 'coupons,' 'discount' or both. Go though each link and see what you can find. Not all offers are the same necessarily. It depends what the affiliate has worked out with the service. A lot of times its hard to make a long term commitment, since one has not had the benefit of personal experience, but in that case, take the monthly service then once comfortable, do the yearly, which is significantly cheaper.

The last thing to remember when looking for good deals is to negotiate them directly with the hosting. You may also want to consider, taking on a slightly more expensive service – the reseller package, which will allow you to have larger space and possibly sell barebones packages to others. The could be bargain basement prices – just enough to cover the cost of your own hosting and make some beer money on the side.

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