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Apr 26 2012

Vhostit Web Hosting Logo ไทย: โลโก้ของ Vhostit...

Vhostit Web Hosting Logo ไทย: โลโก้ของ Vhostit Web Hosting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beneath all the technical jargon and all the sales talk lies a trove of independent comments that either speak a case for or against any particular hosting service. Reviews are the best thing to sweep the web since search engines. Both are distant cousins, in that they help the decisions by providing information. In the case of the review, people with live accolades to vile rebukes will render a clearer picture.

There are two kinds of reviews that one should be on the look out for, the first is the ones that heap lavish praise on any particular service. The second is the one that is scorn directly from the Three Witches' cauldron. Both extremes may be amusing but should be discounted. It's the majority of opinions of any one service in a methodical business decision.

Search Engines

Begin the search for reviews by keying in a search for reviews for the particular web host. It may even be the first place one goes to. The search engine terms vary but try to include two to four words in the search terms. Include terms such as “web hosting” and “reviews” and “comparisons.” The reason one would include the term for comparisons is because there are some sites that list a bunch of hosting services that one may never have heard of but are quite the benchmark in their own right. Start with these search terms and scan the results for the output. This would give a first cut list of candidates.

Comparison Grid

Scan all the available services, options, add-ons, bells and whistles that are offered and make up a list that includes all the services you want into two columns. The first is all the 'must-have.' The second is all the 'nice-to-have.' With this list, it is then easy to pick out the next steps. The must-have list are items that cannot be compromised.

Must-Have Attributes

Most of the reputable hosts will have the following attributes as part of their main service or their add-ons.

  • ·Fully managed support that are up to the challenge of 24 hour support daily. 24/7 is the name of the game and it is not to be compromised. This support must include telephone as well as email and chat.
  • ·Knowledgeable staff that do not pass the buck. Make sure that someone who is knowledgeable mans the support lines and not some third-world outsourced neophyte who has a challenge in speaking the language much less know what a server looks like. Even better, if the staff and the actual server are in the same building.
  • ·Full Control Panel Support. At any time during the service agreement, any problem or mistakes the webmaster encounters must be able to be rectified and supported by the hosting company.
  • ·Secure Environment. There must be a firewall that manages electronic threats malware and all kinds of intrusions. And in the event of a breach, there must be an alert that is directed at the support staff and the webmaster.
  • ·Expansion. There must be full scalability of the hardware and integration of additional software, applications and hardware.
  • ·Bandwidth. There must be at least a 100MB/s bandwidth with unlimited traffic. Anything less, indicates that their load balancing capability is substandard.

Once the must-haves are in place then its time whittle through the 'nice to have' list and make a decision. Be weary of low cost providers.

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