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Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We've Learned

Jun 21 2012

The team at are not only the purveyors of beautiful, independently designed jewelry and fashion accessories, but they are somewhat social media savvy, too. With more than 25,000 fans on Facebook and over 30,000 Twitter followers, Boticca has really taken the online fashion world by storm.

Boticca is also one of the first brands to team up with social gifting service, Drop Gifts, which enables users to send their friends and family vouchers for their favorite e-commerce sites via social media. Fantastic!

ALSO, while Boticca is insanely popular with fashionistas globally, it seems to have quite the knack for technology and marketing, too. Is there no end to Boticca’s talents?

What’s MORE, Boticca was one of the earliest adopters in the world of e-commerce of Pinterest, quickly cottoning on to its compatibility with its general theme (beautiful photos of lovely things) and user base. And using its experience with the platform, Boticca has kindly shared their findings on the impact that it’s had on the brand’s sales activity. Marvellous!  Here are the rather interesting results…

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