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PHP Advance Sitemap For WordPress Blog

Jul 07 2012

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English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A PHP advance sitemap is very useful for increasing traffic to your site, and improving search engine rankings of a WordPress blog. You can enable your visitors to navigate your site easily, by making an efficient sitemap of your blog posts. However, keep in mind that we are not talking about a "Google Sitemap" here.

Advantages of a PHP Advance Sitemap
•    Finding a particular post anytime becomes very easy for the user.
•    Seeing an overview of the contents of the post, and judging the volume of the blog becomes convenient for the user.
•    Everything you have posted is linked from one page, which makes a search engine remember all your blog posts. Every one of your posts is given the Page Rank, and none are missed, or lost in the archives. When Google does not find links to archived posts, they are given a supplemental index and that will not be good for your site.

A PHP advance sitemap can be made in three different ways, according to how one wants it. The first type is flexible, and is ideal when your WordPress site has various categories and further subcategories. After you have set it up, the whole process is automatic.

The second type of PHP advance sitemap is an elaborate plugin having many options, and made using DDSitemapGen. The third type of PHP advance sitemap is ideal for a WordPress blog based on a single subject. It is a simple page list, containing your posts sorted according to date. The type of PHP advance sitemap you choose will depend on your requirements and preferences.

For additional information on PHP image sitemaps and RSS feeds look here.

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