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Facebook Job Posts Fill LinkedIn Hole


LinkedIn has left a void for workers seeking entry level positions. Facebook has capitalized on that void and has sought to fill it. As of now, Facebook will provide job posting for more than 40 different countries around the world. The goal is to secure a more meaningful foothold in the lives of its users while developing a seriously viable business.

Businesses, that have a Facebook Page, will be able to list Facebook job posts straight from the Jobs tab. This ad can just as easily be promoted on their own news feed as well as Facebook's Marketplace. Those seeking a job can fill out an application inside Facebook. There is the option to populate the application from the job seekers own profile information. Any communication or scheduling of interviews can be conducted through the Messenger app.

ZipRecruiter is working with Facebook to help populate job postings. Both companies have realized that more than a quarter of Facebook users have searched for a job with the social media platform. They have also realized that nearly half of businesses, with entry level positions, are not able to fill them. The two companies hope to bring these job seekers and potential employers together in several different countries.

Facebook has added a Jobs dashboard to make finding a job even easier. The dashboard is accessible on both the website and mobile application. It allows users to filter a job search based on location or type of job desired. If Jobs is successful, Facebook stands to see a part of a billion dollar industry.

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