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Instagram's New Call-to-Action Bar


Instagram redesigned its app. As a result, its call-to-action bar looks a little different. Now, the the bar is a way for the company to subtly display more advertisements. Obviously, the change was made so that Instagram could get more ad clicks from its users. This is why the ads were blended to look like regular Instagram content. They don't stand out as much, which means that users might click on them more.

Before the changes, the call-to-action bar was blue, and it was positioned below videos and images. The redesign makes the bar blend in more with images and videos as they constantly change. For example, if there is an environmental ad that shows trees in the forest, the call-to-action bar changes to green or earth tones to match the greenery in the images. Or it might be red or orange, if the image or picture shows a blazing forest fire.

According to Instagram, the changes were made to make videos more prominent than the call-to-action bar. The company wants the images to stand out more than anything else. However, this also means that Instagram can expose users to more advertisements and increase revenue.  Also, this is beneficial for marketers because users tend to click on more ads when the ads don't look so obvious.

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