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Ranking Your YouTube Videos


YouTube is a terrific place to promote and advertise your business. In an image driven world full of competition, videos are a great way to get noticed and to stay relevant. However, simply posting a video, on any social media site, is not quite enough. You need to draw traffic to your video so it can be seen by your target audience. This is an essential key to making sure your video is actually marketing your business and ranking your YouTube videos

A lot of research has been conducted on how to make the most effective video, get the best ranking and most views on YouTube. This research has produced a few tips on how to best optimize your videos.

Make it Brief

Try to keep your video at around three minutes. Never make a video longer than this unless it is for some type of demonstrative purpose that is impossible to make shorter.

Make Better Videos not More Videos

It is a better use of your time and will produce more views if you spend your time to make high quality videos instead of a high quantity of videos.

Use a Catchy Name

A lot of people will determine if they want to watch your video by the headline. Convey the content in the headline.  Follow this up with a concise description.

Pick Your Own Thumbnail

Do not let YouTube pick your thumbnail. Take the time to pick a clear thumbnail that has appeal to your content.

There are a lot more techniques that are available that work, but this is a crucial step in the right direction.

Video SEO - How to Rank #1 in YouTube (Fast!)

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