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Winning a US Election With Digital Marketing


There has never been an election in the past that has been so encompassed by digital marketing, but it has become blatantly clear that those candidates that are focusing on digital marketing tactics are gaining a distinct advantage. Digital marketing is essentially trying to reach people and pull them to a certain vote, through various platforms on the internet, which is truly one of the most effective ways of marketing a campaign these days. This is due to the fact that most people spend a huge amount of their time on their computers, tablets, smart phones, and various other devices that all access digital platforms.

Statistics and the polls have played a big role in the way that various candidates are going about their digital marketing game, as each state really is approached differently, based on the overall standings that the candidate has. For instance, if a candidate is lacking in the polls in a given state, they may focus on a ton of advertisements that support themselves, or pull their opponents down, but the overall basis of the advertisements that they are putting out is based on promotion. However, in states where the candidates have a clear lead, they simply want the most people possible to come out and vote, as they have a high chance to win the state. In these states, the digital marketing plan is to focus all of their energy on promoting getting out and voting. When you stop to think about the ways that some of these candidates are taking to the digital world and using it to their advantage, especially with the strategy of taking a specific course of action in each state based on the polls, it is pretty impressive what they have been able to accomplish.

Although advertising and running a campaign through television and radio, and various other forms of marketing is still a great way of reaching potential voters and gaining traction in an election, there is no question that a well developed digital marketing game is highly beneficial. The reason that digital marketing works so well is the fact that it is far easier to be able to use statistics to break down a given area and figure out what the people in that area are looking for the most, and then hit that area with advertisements mirroring those desires with the promoting candidate backing it.

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