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Black Friday Ads In October


No one likes when the stores start displaying Christmas items before Halloween has passed. But according to reports from groups like AdGooroo, Black Friday ads are already being run on popular PPC platforms across the Internet. Companies are hoping to get an early jump on shoppers who want to save by purchases items on the most popular shopping day of the year.

Last year the ad agency did not see much activity on the terms ‘black Friday’ until late in October. This year however, late September saw increased buying on the term. A total of 277 firms were purchasing clicks on the term with Amazon being the most active. Others that were advertising for the term included Target, Wal-Mart, and Groupon. Small companies that want to get some traffic from these types of terms, will need to pay higher premiums this year it appears. These large advertisers will surely continue to increase they ad buying as the day approaches.

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