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Using The Instagrate To WordPress Plugin


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Using The Instagrate To WordPress Plugin

For those who want to post Instagram images directly into their WordPress blog, you will want to install the Instagrate to WordPress plugin for your computer, which will immediately work with your computer to create a Wordpress blog post with the Instagram image file that you take.

Begin by logging into your WordPress blog with the appropriate username and password. Afterwards, in the dashboard, click on the Plugins tab. With the Plugins panel open, click on the Add New button. When the search text opens, type in Instagrate to Wordpress, and then click search. The plugin should appear on the top of the list, so click Install Now. With the plugin installed, click the confirmation message. After it is activated, click on the settings link underneath the plugin name, and then link it to your Instagram account. When you are inside the plugin's panel, click the link to log in so that the plugin can be authorized to work with your Instagram account. Once the association and linking is complete, all that is left to do is to configure the settings of the plugin to determine how it will add image posts to your blog. These settings can include a wide variety of customization options, allowing you to change things such as the default image size and format, as well as the post category, title, and author. After you decide what settings you want to use, you will be able to easily and quickly link Instagram pictures to your Wordpress account, creating easy images that go straight to your blog posts.

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