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Twitter Followers and Following Back

Twitter Follow Back

Twitter Followers and Following Back

The goal of many Twitter account holders is to get as many followers as possible and to that often requires following those accounts in return. This leads to issues with trying to get useful information from your Twitter stream, but for some accounts, that might not be your purpose. Maybe your purpose is to sell tweets through one of the ad platforms like SponsoredTweets or TwittAd. And unless you are someone somewhat famous in your field, getting followers without following back is quite hard to do.

Buzzom used to be a really good way of getting new followers by following the users that the service found who were known to follow back. But Twitter has changed their terms of service recently and such services are no longer allowed to access the Twitter API. And a service that would automatically follow back those that follow  you, like SocialOomph, also appear to not function well with Twitter anymore.

The best means to gain followers and to follow them back is now to follow certain accounts designed for this purpose and then use JustUnfollow to follow in return. The accounts to follow can be found by switching your account back to the old style Twitter profile page and Searching for people with the term ‘Team Follow Back’. Follow the obvious ones and others will begin to follow you without you doing an extra work.

Then every week or so follow back all your new followers with JustUnfollow. You can also unfollow those that are no longer following you. Just make sure not to unfollow the Team Follow Back accounts as some of them do not auto follow, figure that one. You can find up to 30 Follow Back accounts and get 20 new followers every couple of days with this method.

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