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Bucket List for Geeks

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So lets face it, you're a nerd and you're going to die just like the rest of us. Perhaps you wanna have a little bit of fun before you pass? You sure better live these six ideas before you croak.

6: Play real life Dungeons and Dragons

You heard it right, nerds all over the world and dressing up and meeting in the parks to play. They are bringing their fantasy characters to life. They're casting magic on others and battling just as they do in the fantasy dice game. They create their own swords and armor and even fall to the ground when hit! Could you really ask yourself if you're ready to die if you haven't ventured out and brought your fantasy character to real-life? I didn't think so....

5: Solve a Rubik's Cube!

Come on geek, do it on your own. Use your own brains for this one. That means no Rubik's Cube For Dummies books, no Youtube videos or online tutorials of any sort. If you practice hard enough, maybe you can break the world record of 6.24 seconds? It's also been heard that they have a Rubik's Cube World Championship, why don't you just take home that coveted title?

4: Attend Comic-Con!

Or better yet attend in style with VIP PASSES! You will get the opportunity to meet & greet some of your favorite fictional movie characters as they come to life as people in costumes! You may even get posters and DVDs signed to bring home to your collection. If the word on the street is true, you will even see females in school-girl uniforms dressed as your anime fantasy wives.

3: Become Employed at a Comic Book Store!

Just imagine it, you're dealing with nerds just like yourself all day, that can't be too bad can it? You're getting paid to work in your dream environment of: Toys, books, and all kinds of collectibles and memorabilia. You don't even have to ask for a paycheck, just ask for a "store credit". If you never get a job at one, at least visit one on the first Saturday in May, because it's Free Comic Book Day. Oh wait, you already knew that!

2: Read The Lord of The Rings books!

Those nerdy types fascinated with the fantasy realm of orcs, elves, and magic must read the convoluted-and-complex, yet rewarding Lord of the Rings novels. Begin with J.R.R. Tolkien's timeless classic 'The Hobbit'. Continue with 'The Fellowship of the Ring', followed by 'The Two Towers', and fulfill your adventure with 'The Return of the King', the fantastic conclusion to the celebrated legend. You might want to give the Harry Potter series a go, or is that "trendy" and not "nerdy" who knows! Make sure you watch the movies in order as well, which brings you to our number one thing for your nerd bucket list!

1: Star Wars Mathathon!

Use the force, and indulge yourself in a nonstop, back-to-front, Star Wars marathon! A science fiction nerd of any caliber will profess their unconditional love for this classic space epic. If your status as a geek is unquestionable, it should go without saying that you've watched episodes 1 - 6 consecutively (even if you find the prequels abysmal, as most of the sci-fi crowd does), without even pressing the pause button so you can microwave a hot pocket. And if you're among the most infatuated of the galaxy's Jedi-devotees, you'll save room to acknowledge the two long-forgotten, made-for-TV films based on those adorable, furry, Ewok creatures!

Matthew Warren is a sci-fi fan, wanna-be astronomer and a programmer by day when not working on Gump Tees and Things Nerds Like.

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