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Uncover The Simple Truths About The Difference Between Success And Failure

Financial freedom, long-lasting and fulfilling relationships and alleviating stresses in day-to-day living. Many dream of such things, though consider them far out of reach. Now, with the help of Jeff Olson and his book The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life, anyone can achieve their dreams and goals.

Just who is Jeff Olson? Mr. Olson is an experienced and successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people better themselves and their lives by achieving what was once thought of as an out-of-reach financial freedom and personal excellence. Mr. Olson did not start life out on an easy leg and knows what it is like to work ones way up from struggling to successful. With that in mind, Mr. Olson takes what has worked for him to the world to help other achieve a more satisfying life and lifestyle.

How does the Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life work? Through Slight Edge, readers will learn to look within themselves, to discover that one key aspect of themselves that will aid in making those long held dreams come true, to better themselves and their lives. That key aspect? Life's philosophy. It may sounds complicating and out-of-reach, but it truly is not. With the help of Jeff Olson and Slight Edge, readers will learn to motivate themselves to change their life's philosophy, to perceive life and all it holds in a different light. The goals within Slight Edge are not focused on lifestyle change, a formula or a methodology. Rather, the goals work by teaching you the art of changing one's life philosophy, you will learn just how your philosophy creates your attitude, creates your actions, creates your results, thus creating your life. Once this has been learned, all other areas of self-help guides, books, tools and information that have previously been read, watched and/or listened to will actually make sense and begin to work in each individual's life.

By uncovering the simple truths of success and failure, Jeff Olson helps readers to understand these aspects and how they affect each person's individual life and not in just one area of life, but in every area of life. This understanding will enable the reader to look within themselves and the situations they have been put into and elevate themselves from there to become successful, happy and productive.

With many self-help books and media available today, it is difficult to decide just what is the best fit. Jeff Olson takes the guess work out of this with his book Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life. Creating a book that is effectual, simple, easy and enjoyable to read, a book that is a guide to changing your personal life philosophy to better, not only yourself and your relationships, but in turn bettering those around you.Slight Edge is an excellent resource no matter your age, race, personal status or financial status. There is something for everyone held within these pages and is a wonderful resource to be able to return to again and again. After reading Slight Edgeby Jeff Olson, readers will be able to take on life and all their goals with the information that will give them a slight edge over those who have not yet learned this rather simple but oh-so-important and vital secret to life and success.

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