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Steve Jobs - One Of The Greatest Minds In The World Of Information Technology

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Steve Jobs was one of the biggest titans in the digital age. Yet, how does he compare to other famous businessmen?

It will take awhile before we can truly answer this question as technology is still evolving. In addition, we do not know what Apple will achieve in the future. However, it is pretty clear that Steve Jobs was a top visionary in the IT world. It is sad that fate decided to take him away at such a young age. He died at only 56, an age that is too young to pass away. On the other hand, he did accomplish many things in that short period of time. As such, we need to use his memory as inspiration for both ourselves and our children.

[Indeed, we can learn a lot from Steve Jobs.]

Of course, we have to be careful in how we honor the memory of Steve Jobs. We should appreciate him not because of his money or celebrity status, but rather because of his intelligence. His vision not only created new innovations, but he created a company that would give thousands of people a source of employment. If you use this as a measure of achievement, Steve Jobs was one of the greatest businessmen who ever lived.

Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton would be two more contenders, as both had lives similar to Steve Jobs. They started out with humble beginnings, but their advanced insight allowed them to change the face of America. Alexander Hamilton was especially interesting because he created a financial system that made the U.S. wealthier. Sadly, he also died young, but like Jobs and Franklin, he made his years count. And regardless of how long we live, we need to use the same approach for our lives. Like these three great men, let us live for our dreams. We might be surprised at what we can accomplish.

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