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Students Save Time With Calendar Apps

How many times have you been told that the best way to get organized is to use a calendar?  It's good advice, but do you actually know anyone who still carries a paper calendar?  Your smartphone probably has a calendar already installed on it, but additional calendar apps are available that can help you sort and sync your schedule to make you more productive.

Calendar apps are a great tool to for students studying at business school, law school, criminal justice school or other any other schools or colleges.  They efficiently organize class schedules, homework, and any other relating tasks. Try out these calendar apps to help you juggle work, school, and your social activities to ensure you'll never miss another appointment.

Week Calendar

Week Calendar, for iPhone, packs plenty of helpful tools and resources into a single, easy-to-use app.  Some of the key features of this app include:

·         The ability to sync with other calendar apps, including browser calendars

·         The option to view your calendar by the day, week, month or year, making it easier to plan ahead

·         Templates to help schedule recurring events without having to enter each one individually, saving you considerable time

·         Several alert options, so you know what is happening and when

·         Batch editing, allowing you to change your schedule easily

My Next Days Calendar

The My Next Days app is for Windows phones.  Like the Week Calendar, this app has numerous functions to help you keep track of appointments, and organize your schedule.  Some of the features included are:

·         A search function, to help you find events based on the subject

·         Links to Bing maps, to help you find the location of an event

·         A display that is primarily text-based, to simplify use and keep visual clutter to a minimum

·         Settings to change how appointments are viewed

·         Calendars that can be selected individually or as part of a subset

Business Calendar

Need a calendar app for your Android phone?  A great one to check out is Business Calendar.  This app is available in two different settings, a free basic version and the Pro version, available for a small fee.  Both versions of Business Calendar are highly customizable.  Some of the features of the basic edition include:

·         Easy zooming into multiple-day views

·         The ability to view events individually or by day, week or month, or in customizable blocks

·         A simple search function to help you quickly find events

·         Settings to help you easily create repeating events

The Pro version offers all of these, plus:

·         Drag-and-drop copying to transfer events to multiple days

·         The ability to add and link contacts to each event

·         The option to change the font size

·         Individual calendar options for different widgets


While these apps aren't necessarily the most advanced calendar apps available in the market, they all have the distinction of being easy to use and master, which can make them more suitable and practical for most people.  Having the fanciest calendar app out there does little good if you find it overwhelming and avoid using it. Find other time managing techniques by visiting Criminal Justice Blog.

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