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Breaking The Barriers Of Language With Wordpress Transposh

South Efate translation team

South Efate translation team (Photo credit: yumievriwan)

Wordpress Transposh

Some websites have good content however, not all of them get high rankings because of the different languages that people use when writing. Although English is the main language used by most people on the Internet, there are some who prefer using their own languages as it allows them express their ideas well.

As a Wordpress blogger, it is hard to get in touch with other writers especially if they speak another language. It can be a big loss especially if those writers are well-versed on certain subjects and you want to know more about the subjects that they discuss on their blogs. As technology innovates, great tools arise to help people communicate better. Wordpress Transposh is one of the wonderful features that people can use today to get information from pages composed in other languages.

Breaking language barriers is now possible with Global Translator as it can automatically translate a page into 41 various languages. The translation is done by a system that comes with an FAQ link so people can check out answers regarding common stuff about the system. Another plug-in that you can use is ICanLocalize Translator. This one is more precise as real people translate messages for as low as seven cents per word. Professionals do the work so it is virtually hassle-free and fast, a perfect service for big companies. Translate This is another plug-in that you can use which can detect over 42 languages and can even translate screen casts via YouTube so you do not need to hire a transcriber to convert the dialogues into text.

There are many translation plug-ins that you can try and it would not hurt to experiment on them to know which one can translate accurately. As technology continually develops, more plug-ins are about to come to help bloggers understand each other well. Once you have found a good plug-in, make sure that you check updates from time to time so that you can upgrade the plug-in on your website as well.

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