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Free Apps To Prepare Your Taxes

Mar 18 2015


Pick up your phone and install one of these apps to get through the tax season with less stress that you would otherwise experience. Not only that but you will have a more accurate return with every deduction considered compared to trying to prepare your taxes this year on your own. You can download tax software, purchase software at your local business supply store, go to a tax accountant, have your taxes completed at WalMart, or even use your phone to file your 1040EZ for free. Here are some of the free phone options you have.

TurboTax Free Edition

The most popular of all the tax preparation software options, TurboTax is still used by more Americans than any other option. Some bad news about fraudulent state returns hasn’t hampered the company as steps were taken and the software was not the flaw that created the identity theft. The Free Federal Edition run in the cloud does not provide for past year import and will not process IRS schedules A,C,D,or E.

H&R Block Free

Includes the basic IRS tax schedules to complete your return but lacks some of the more complex forms. You can wait longer to setup an account when compared to some of the other options. The import feature is very nice, allowing you to bring in past year returns from TurboTax, TaxAct and H&R Block.

TaxSlayer Free Edition

Similar to TurboTax in the need to register the product and you are limited to filing only basic returns with the free edition. There’s an online tutorial and a browser compatibility test which are unique to TaxSlayer.

TaxAct Free Federal

TaxAct Free Federal is a cloud based program that will file a federal tax return for free. TaxAct has a little bit more flexible navigation system than TurboTax and you can skip the registration screens. You can file more complex returns with the free version and you can import a PDF version of a previous year’s return.

TurboTax SnapTax Mobile App - File Taxes on Your Android and iPhone!

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