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Take Your Business Online With GoDaddy Hosting

Sep 24 2014

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CD case cover for Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GoDaddy Hosting and Microsoft have embarked on a mission to get small businesses online today.

Earlier in the year, GoDaddy and Microsoft announced that they will be working more closely with each other. They have just rolled out their latest partnership program.

The two tech-firms have just launched Get Online Today, a program that offers website building and hosting services with an email service from Microsoft's 365 office at a low cost of $1 monthly for the first year. Those who sign up will also get a $50 credit to be used on Bing Ads.

GoDaddy already offers Microsoft 365, website creation and site hosting among other services. These packages are priced in tiers, giving users a wide range of options that suit their needs. However, Get Online Today offers a single package at one price.

Some people may look at this partnership as a strategy to edge out the competition like Squarespace and WordPress, but that is not true. In fact, Get Online Today was designed with the the average person, who may not be tech-savvy, in mind.

When the two tech firms reached out to small business, they quickly came to realize that the vast majority do not have an online presence. GoDaddy's business solutions VP says that the owners of these small businesses were either too busy to invest in a website or worried about the cost and complexity of getting a business online. Others simply did not know where to start.

The average small business owner spends over 80 hours per week working while the standard work-week is 40 hours. This means that most business owners may not have any time to spare. With the Get Online Today program, business owners can establish an online presence for their business without needing any help or special training.

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