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Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 MoneyWord Matrix

Oct 06 2010

Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 MoneyWord Matrix

Adam Short and the Niche Profit Classroom Team are currently offering a trial period for their program at an incredible price of $1.00. Nice chance for anyone looking to create profitable niche sites that remain high in the search rankings while earning money with no out of pocket expensive after the initial development and marketing. Take a look at the course HERE.

To get a free look at some of what is available within the Niche Profit Classroom you can view this video of the MoneyWord Matrix. The MoneyWord Matrix is a chart that allows anyone to know what keywords will rank well within Google results and provide decent traffic to a website. The basic concept is to use Google’s External Keyword Tool to find traffic projections for keywords and then checking the competition of those keywords using total Google search results. The video also discusses how to link to pages within your niche sites and how to get good back links to your new site that will move it up into the top positions for the keywords you have selected.

The program is not a long tail keyword program nor is it a high traffic keyword program. It targets keywords that are in between. Keywords with good traffic that are not difficult to rank for. This is the sweet spot in Google results that you should target.

If you watch the free video, come back for your $1.00 trial HERE.

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