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New Boost Blocks From LEGO Helps Children To Learn Programming

Jan 11 2017


LEGO produced the Mindstorms platform for older children and adults to use their creativity to make robotic projects. Presently, LEGO launched the Boost platform, which is a robotics and programming development for children around the age of seven (7). This Boost package has everything to make five (5) projects including Frankie, a robotic cat, and Vernie, a comedic robot.

The Boost kit contains a battery-powered core system which gives power to the several motors, and a motion and color sensor. Simon Kent from LEGO demonstrated that the two (2) kits have the ability to train the robots to make music on harmonicas.

I really enjoyed using this platform. I am usually a cynic as it relates to programming toys similar to this. However, I had fun with this one and found it interesting. This system is easy to work with and the package is superbly designed. I am really looking forward to making Frankie at home. LEGO is going to release this kit in August 2017.

Lego Boost: Hands-On

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