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Three Ways To Speed Up Your Website

Sep 21 2016


Whether you are searching on your laptop, desktop or tablet, if your pages take a while to load, it can affect your ranking in Google's ranks, and of course, your ability to attract and keep customers.

Three Suggestions for Website Speed Improvements

Compression Images

Using high quality images is important, and today's technology allows you to reduce the file size of your images, without losing the overall quality. To lower the image size, use an image compressor after you have saved it in the most appropriate format, such as jpg.

Streamlining Code

These days, advances in technology means you can use less code to create more features. You may well be using outdated technology if your website is a few years old, and your site may well be slower than it needs to be if you haven't updated it in two or three years.

Use a Fast Server

Your site can be slowed down if you are using a shared server, and a dedicated server can make a big difference in the speeds you experience. If you routinely have a lot of traffic on a business website, it can be especially noticeable, and you may be able to pay your web host a little more to speed things up considerably.

7 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

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